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The function of ash water dispersive agent in system operation
Time:2021-07-08 09:42:09
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The function of ash water dispersive agent in system operation

The purpose of adding dispersant to circulating gray water is to reduce the scale formation of gray water heater and related pipes. The type and amount of dispersant are related to the nature of gray water. The dispersant of gray water system was added according to 50 ~ 80ppm of ash water. Dispersant is added to the location of the deoxygenation tank is mainly out of the water oxygen, reduce the corrosion of equipment, to the deoxygenation tank into the steam, so that the water temperature is more than 100 degrees Celsius. As for the composition of the ash water, it does not need to be separated. The ash water is sedimentation, which is much cleaner than the drainage of the vaporizer and carbon washing tower. It can be directly recycled into the system by the high-pressure ash water pump. The dispersant is added to the overflow outlet of the deoxidizing tank and the settling tank. The inlet of the settling tank is added with a flocculant. The dispersant is added to the inlet of the low-pressure ash pump. Can prevent pipe scaling, resulting in insufficient suction pressure of the pump, damage to the pump. Flocculant should be added at the entrance of the clarifying tank to make the fine slag settle, and the upper clear liquid can overflow to the ash water tank. The ash water is then driven into the deaeration tank through the low-pressure ash water pump, and then recycled into the system through the high-pressure ash water pump. Dispersants on clarifying tank to the grey water tank overflow pipe, high pressure on the ash pump suction line without directly added to the DNA inside the tank not because the cause of deoxidizing water tank inside the cause of the high temperature, because of the high ash pump inlet temperature and deoxidization of temperature in the tank should be similar, but because of who I am dispersant pump outlet pressure can't type is so high.