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High efficiency, non - toxic, non - phosphorus and biodegradable
Time:2021-07-08 09:55:52
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High efficiency, non - toxic, non - phosphorus and biodegradable are the development direction of future scale inhibitors

Scale inhibitor of circulating cooling water system development has experienced from inorganic to organic, no phosphate from high phosphorus and low phosphorus to development of scale inhibitor of circulating cooling water in the future development adhere to the strategy of sustainable development, green is central to the development of the scale inhibitor strategy, will reshape the development direction of scale inhibitor. But at present, there are few kinds of green scale and corrosion inhibitors. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the research and development of green scale and corrosion inhibitors with good biodegradability, high efficiency, multi-function, non-phosphorus and non-toxic, as well as the production of raw materials and production process green is the main direction of the development of scale and corrosion inhibitors in the future. According to the actual situation of cooling water treatment at present, the compound water treatment agent with low phosphorus multi-functional organics as the main agent can achieve excellent corrosion and scale inhibition effect, and the use cost is low, the toxicity is low, and does not violate the relevant national environmental laws and regulations.

In recent years, organic phosphonic acid and high polymer are the two most active scale inhibitors. Although the scale inhibitor containing phosphorus has excellent scale inhibition performance, it is easy to form calcium phosphate scale, zinc scale or organic calcium phosphonate scale, and its discharge can make water eutrophication, so it calls for a new type of green scale inhibitor with low phosphorus or no phosphorus. Acrylic acid, maleic acid or acrylic acid - maleic acid as the matrix of copolymer, which acrylic acid as the matrix accounted for the majority. The reason is that acrylic acid is cheap, easy to get, and easy to copolymerize with other monomers. Although the new scale inhibitor has the characteristics of high activity and low toxicity, it is not biodegradable and may cause secondary contamination. Therefore, high efficiency, non-toxic, phosphorus free, biodegradable is the future development direction of scale inhibitor.