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Recirculating water system to add circulating water agent
Time:2021-07-08 09:53:42
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Recirculating water system to add circulating water agent

For the industrial circulating water system, maintaining good water quality is the protection of the system, water quality treatment is an indispensable part of the system, water quality greatly affects the operation of the system, and even determines the service life of the system. Good water quality and stable system operation; Poor water quality leads to scale formation, corrosion, bacteria and algae growth and slime deposition in the system, which leads to the decrease of system efficiency, substantial attenuation of cooling capacity, increase of energy consumption, and even damage to the main engine and other equipment, blockage and corrosion of pipes, causing huge economic losses.

Recirculating water after the use of chemicals, greatly save the water consumption. However, due to the constant evaporation of cooling water, the concentration of salt in the water, coupled with the contact between the cooling water and the atmosphere, the content of dissolved oxygen and bacteria is greatly increased, resulting in serious scaling, corrosion and the breeding of bacteria and algae in the circulating cooling water, which greatly reduces the heat exchange rate, and causes frequent maintenance, threatening the normal production. Therefore, it is necessary to add scale inhibitor and sustained-release agent, germicidal algicide agent and its matching cleaning agent, pre-film agent, dispersant, defoaming agent, flocculant and so on in the cooling water.