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Principles of selection of industrial cleaning agents
Time:2021-07-08 09:46:16
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Principles of selection of industrial cleaning agents

Principles of selection of industrial cleaning agents

➱ Good decontamination capacity;

➱ has no adverse effect on the cleaning object;

➱ stable quality;

➱ Low price.

Commonly used chemical cleaning agent

(1) cleaning agents (including water and organic solvents) that are decontaminated by dissolution;

(2) surfactant cleaning agent using surface active action decontamination (such as cationic, anionic, non-ionic and zwitterionic surfactants);

(3) the use of chemical reaction of decontamination of chemical cleaning agents (such as acid, alkali, salt, oxidant, etc.).

Method of selecting cleaning agent for heat exchanger

When cleaning the heat exchanger, first determine the cleaning part, determine the material of the heat exchanger, and after sampling and analysis,

Select reagent according to heat exchanger material and scaling degree.

➱ for carbon steel material with carbonate scale and rust mainly, the general choice of hydrochloric acid as the main acid washing liquid effect is better, for safety considerations can also choose organic acid amino sulfonic acid as the main acid washing agent;

➱ for stainless steel generally choose nitric acid as the best cleaning acid, the same for the safety point of view according to the actual situation can also choose the acid mild amino sulfonic acid as the main acid washing agent.

➱ When cleaning copper heat exchanger, we must pay attention to what kind of copper material is.

Brass should pay special attention to, the main component of brass is copper, followed by the content of zinc is quite high, in order to prevent the occurrence of dezincification, the concentration of pickling solution is selected as low as possible, general corrosion inhibitor at the same time to protect copper and zinc two kinds of metals is poor. Therefore, in the process of operation, it is better to take a gentle cleaning method, that is, low concentration, short time, small flow rate, normal temperature cleaning.

General corrosion inhibitor AD-303 can be selected, for other additives, such as surfactant, slime stripping agent, foaming agent, etc., can be selected according to the principle of cleaning agent selection combined with the specific situation. In some special cases, mainly refers to the cleaning material may be defective or relatively thin or other special circumstances, should carefully consider the choice of agents. Ande technology has the authoritative technology and service in heat exchanger cleaning, self-developed cleaning agent, low price, good effect.