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Dilution method of antifoaming agent
Time:2021-07-08 09:43:23
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Dilution method of antifoaming agent

Dilution method of antifoaming agent.

1, according to the proportion of preparation, weighing water (deionized water, tap water can be) weight;

2, add stabilizer (to prepare 1~2% of the total product of defoaming agent), stir evenly;

3. Use alkaline water (10%NaOH solution) to adjust the pH value to 8, can not exceed 9, while adding alkaline water to stir, pay attention to the water solution from white to clear, measure the final pH, control the required value of 8, if too high can be adjusted by glacial acetic acid;

4. Add the defoaming agent to the thickener prepared above once, stir it after adding (the stirring speed should be controlled within 60 RPM to prevent the destruction of the defoaming agent system), stir it for 5~10 minutes, and observe the uniform state of the system.

5, hot climate conditions, another need to add 0.1~0.2% preservative, in order to prevent defoaming agent odor.


1. Suppliers need to select specific dilution processing proportion according to the market situation, or provide customers with samples of antifoaming agent. Our company will conduct testing and recommend detailed dilution processing data;

2, the above is the use of acrylic acid thickener (thickener R-29), you can also choose other thickener, the preparation process is the same as the above, first adjust the thickening system, then add defoaming agent, pay attention to control the stirring speed and stirring time.